The Necessary
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The Necessary Fiction: Life with James Joyce's "Ulysses"

Edward Everett Root Co. Ltd. (Brighton, UK)

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Toronto filmmaker Godfrey Jordan has made a wonderful eight-minute video about The Necessary Fiction. Watch it below or on Vimeo.

Michael Groden: "THE NECESSARY FICTION Life with James Joyce's Ulysses" from Godfrey Jordan on Vimeo.

advance notices:

"A thoroughly absorbing and highly recommended story of an academic's life. It is also a brilliant reminder of how the book we read is often the book that reads us." (David Pierce)

"There is no other work of Joyce criticism that offers anything like this . . . fascinating and mesmerizing."

"I can imagine that this book would have a very real potential for attracting a large and diverse audience: not just Joyce scholars and aficionados . . . but literary scholars in general, and, indeed, a wider, popular audience."

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Review of ‘Ulysses’ in Bloom: The Necessary Fic